NEW WAYS TO TRAVEL (Luxury Version)

Exotic, exclusive and luxurious are the key words with which we can define this type of travel.

Like Jules Verne with his round the world in 80 days, we can embark on the current options to travel the planet. Six-month boat trips, cruises aboard an airplane. We leave you with the five best rounds to the world of the XXI century.

Crystal Air Cruises offers a Boeing 777 for 84 passengers, dishes prepared by chefs with Michelin stars, a letter of 300 exclusive wines and champagnes on trips ranging from 15 to 29 days by destinations from different continents.On August 31st, New York will take off the first flight around the world, and for 29 days will visit Chicago, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Manila, Bangkok and Paris. At each destination, passengers will be accommodated in the hotels of the Península chain.

Another route, which will take off on October 21 from Los Angeles, will pass through Lima, Easter Island, Ho Chi Minh City, Kathmandu, Jaipur, Mauritius, Zimbabwe and Prague. In addition, in each destination, the company offers visits or programs that are not available to other tourists, such as touring the Louvre without visits, visiting vineyards guided by critics of the magazine Wine Spectator or tour the plains of Africa in Embraer To see the fauna of the reserves. Customers will be able to customize the themes according to their interests to create their ideal vacations: “Great Adventures”, “Cultural Discoveries”, “Personal Connections” and “Gastronomic Excellence”.


Silversea consolidates itself as the best in the luxury cruise market. The 115-day cruise around the world of Silver Whisper leaves Fort Lauderdale in Florida and ends in Venice, Italy, passing through the Panama Canal. It offers 51 ports in 31 countries, including 18 nights in ports. The double room Owner’s Suite costs $ 201,250 per person.

The price includes Relais & Chateaux restaurants, butler service, unlimited shore excursions, all drinks and liquors, prepaid tips, Wi-Fi and first-class plane tickets. A luxury that can only enjoy a maximum of 382 passengers.


DreamMaker organizes Passport to 50, a return to the planet in twenty days. The trip will take place in August and will cost about US $ 875,000. Travelers will fly in a private Boeing 767 and will travel twenty cities. They have also prepared activities as diverse as: a flight aid for each passenger, a sommelier to advise them the best wines, a yoga teacher and also has hired the hypnotherapist April Norris, to carry out a comprehensive program that Combine wellness techniques to ensure that all passengers experience an unforgettable experience. On board will have butler, spa, fashion shows, influential person visits and a 477 thousand euros solidarity poker championship in which some of the best poker players of the planet will participate.

They will visit different places like the island of Ko Samui, Kathmandu, Siem Reap, Agra, Florence and Siena, Cannes and Moulinet, London, Ibiza, Barna, Marbella, Marrakech, Havana, Knoxville, Kona, El Nido, Manila and finally An island segregates.


The famous Four Seasons hotel chain has given everything by betting on creating a hotel plane that has all the comforts and services of its most luxurious hotels. It is a plane that can boast of having the most luxurious finishes imaginable. Has the capacity to accommodate 52 travelers. It has been several designers who are responsible for giving life, color and style to this private plane. Iacobucci, the most prestigious Italian airline seat brand, has been responsible for manufacturing the fantastic white leather reclining seats, it also has handmade carpets, excellent category dishes, blankets made from unique materials such as Mongolian cashmere And all kinds of details that bring an ultra luxurious style to this plane.

It is a high-flying cruise that also has an executive chef. Luxurious and impeccable tableware to serve high cuisine dishes, made with fresh seasonal products.

Their current itinerary, called Backstage with the Arts, runs through the main European capitals. On each scale accommodation is offered in one of the Four Seasons hotels and everything is included: meals, stay, flights, etc. This trip costs a minimum of 61,000 euros. From this price, the amounts can be raised according to what the customer needs. In case you opt to make a trip around the world on the luxury plane Four Seasons, the cost will not fall from 106,000 euros per person.

Four Seasons Photography Shoot April 2015_Kirsten Holst

Cunard was the first company to offer a cruise around the world in 1923 aboard the RMS Laconia, a journey that took 130 days. Now you spend 10 less days aboard the Queen Elizabeth, with stops along the way that include Madeira, Réunion, Namibia and Curacao.

For a price of $ 194,000, you can enjoy the 127-square-foot Grand Suite with a jacuzzi, private balcony, gourmet dining and entertainment.

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